AEL East began over 40 years ago as a privately owned laboratory located in Morristown, Tennessee called Anatomic Pathology Services & Clinical Laboratory Services.   At the onset, the primary focus of the laboratory was anatomic pathology with a lesser focus on clinical testing.   Some years later the name was changed to Physicians Medical Laboratory and a fresh focus on expanding the clinical testing menu was launched.  Physicians Medical Laboratory now offered the East Tennessee market something it had not seen before - a full range of clinical and anatomic testing with personalized service from a local laboratory.  Because of its proximity to its customers, the laboratory was able to offer unmatched quality of testing and turn-around-time of results.  All of this worked to forge strong relationships between the laboratory and its customers.  Physicians and other providers became accustomed to being able to contact a pathologist or technician quickly to discuss patient cases and make appropriate decisions regarding treatment options.   During the same period, Physicians Medical Laboratory positioned itself as an attractive option for third party payers and pursued in-network contracts with all insurances with covered lives in East Tennessee.  

In 2005, American Esoteric Laboratories sought to expand its service area into East Tennessee.  As the two companies compared testing capabilities and mutual strengths, a natural fit was very apparent.  Both companies shared a common philosophical goal of superior laboratory testing with a focus on patient care.   In 2006, Physicians Medical Laboratory was added to the AEL family of laboratories serving physicians and patients in a 6 state area.  In addition to its existing capabilities, AEL offered increased access to electronic connectivity for customers as well as an esoteric test menu and access to other partner laboratories.
In 2007, AEL was acquired by Sonic Healthcare.  Sonic Healthcare, based in Australia, is one of the world's largest medical diagnostic companies providing laboratory and radiology services to medical practitioners, hospitals, community health services and their collective patients.  As a division of Sonic Healthcare USA, AEL is one of 8 partner regional laboratories across the country which operates on the same core values focused on a commitment to excellence in healthcare.