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Client Communications - Test update 09-23-2016
Client Communications

Effective September 26, 2016 the BNP will be switched to NT-ProBNP and Troponin I will be switched to Troponin T. New test codes and reference ranges will apply.

Changes in Reference Ranges and Ammonia Specimen Requirements 08-08-2016
Client Communications

Effective August 8, 2016, American Esoteric Laboratories (AEL) in Memphis will change the current clinical chemistry instrumentation and reagents to Roche Cobas technology. As a result of this change, all related reference ranges were reviewed.

NCD Revision Serum Iron Studies 07-01-2016
Client Communications

Effective July 1, 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a Change Request (CR) 9584 for the Serum Iron Studies (190.18) National Coverage Determination (NCD).

4th Generation HIV Testing, New Diagnostic Algorithm 04-30-2016
Client Communications

American Esoteric Laboratories offers a 4th Generation assay along with a new diagnostic algorithm in the detection of HIV. 

Allergy Testing Update 04-04-2016
Client Communications

American Esoteric Laboratories has updated the Allergy Testing Conversion from 0.35 kU/L to 0.10 kU/L. With this improved sensitivity there will be a change in the interpretive information provided with each allergy report.

C. Difficile Algorithm Update 01-31-2016
Client Communications

American Esoteric Laboratories, offering our clients state-of-the-are testing is part of AEL's ongoing commitment to excellence. 

Annual Heat Notice 06-22-2015
Client Communications

AEL Client Services receives many questions during the summer months reagrding the effects of heat on specimens, as well as questions about how specimens can be protected from excessive heat.

Microbiology Collection Guide 06-15-2015
Collection Guides

Microbiology Collection Guide - chart listing tests, codes and collection devices

4th Generation HIV Testing 12-19-2014
Client Communications

American Esoteric Laboratories is pleased to announce the introduction of a new 4th generation assay along with a diagnostic algorithm in the detection of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Qualitative Drug SCreen LCD Update 05-01-2014
Client Communications

In accordance with Medicare Claims Processing Manual on the CMS website, these changes are a result of coding analysis decisions developed under the procedures for maintenance of codes. The following changes were made to the Tennessee LCD.

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